My Story


Have you ever thought to yourself, what the fuck am I doing with my life? 

Why do I feel so unhappy and unfulfilled? Even though I have achieved everything I set out to achieve?

I believe we've been mis-sold the ideology of what success looks like - get a good job, buy a house, get married, have kids and look forward to retirement. Strive to obtain all the prerequisite material objects one needs in life, in an attempt to feel validated and successful.

I was working in the City, in a job I hated, for a boss I despised, and with colleagues who I had absolutely nothing in common with. I kept trying to convince myself I was happy and enjoying life. That I was on the right career path and was enjoying all the trappings of ‘success'.

The realisation finally hit me…

Would more of what I already had, solve all of my problems?

Taking Action, because life’s an adventure

So, I decided to quit my job and travel around the world on a crazy ass adventure. I kissed goodbye to my 6-figure salary and penthouse, swapped my designer suits for shorts and flip-flops and embarked on a nomadic journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

My adventure saw me practice yoga in the foothills of Rishikesh, paragliding in the mountains of Nepal, and Muay Thai boxing in the backstreets of Bangkok. I even went on to star in a Bollywood movie whilst travelling through Mumbai.

I realised my definition of success wasn’t actually based on material wealth or a flashy job title. It was about having the freedom to create my own adventure in life. Whether that’s travelling the world, starting a new business, or simply enjoying time with friends and family.

That's when life got really exciting

My fascination with personal development and self-exploration through plant-based medicines, has allowed me the opportunity to view life through a different lens. I became hell-bent on designing a lifestyle full of adventure and excitement. More importantly, a lifestyle that aligned with my vision and values.

So that's exactly what I did

As men, we all have different goals - be it to earn more money and achieve financial freedom, climb the career ladder, lose weight or find our spiritual selves. Whatever the goal, the definition of success has to be unique to you.

My aim is to share simplified strategies (that actually work), weed out the bullshit and help men design their ideal lifestyle - be that health, wealth or relationships. All of which I've learnt through personal experience, trial and error and a 'fuck it' attitude to life.

If you are male, aged between 18 and 120 I'm pretty sure you'll find value in my content

Create your own adventure!