My Story


I was your typical corporate slave caught up in the rat race…

I was working in the City earning a decent 6 figure salary. I owned a beautiful penthouse, top of the range car, and a bank balance to reflect my so called “success”. I was living the dream from a societal standpoint. I had accomplished everything I set out to achieve, and yet I was unhappy and disillusioned with life.

Realisation & Inspiration 

I had a chance encounter with a sports psychologist who introduced me to the world of personal development and mindfulness. The experience had such a profound effect on me that I quit my job shortly afterwards, sold everything I owned, and brought a one way ticket and traveled around the world, with nothing more than a backpack and a Lonely Planet guide.

I swapped the designer suits for shorts and flip flops, and...

  • Mediated in an Ashram in Rishikesh, India 

  • Practiced yoga in the mountains of Nepal

  • Paraglided in the Himalayas  

  • Trained Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok

  • Drove across New Zealand in a camper van

  • Starred in a Bollywood movie in Mumbai


I designed my ideal lifestyle  

Upon my return to the UK in 2007, I decided to ditch London and moved down to the creative hub of Brighton with one goal in mind - never wake up on a Monday morning dreading work again. I set up several successful businesses and fulfilled my ambition of becoming a DJ, playing out in some of the biggest clubs in London and Brighton. By the age of 30, I’d ticked off pretty much everything on my bucket list. 

Life was great for a while and success continued throughout my early thirties. But, I was becoming restless and growing increasingly bored of living in the UK. And when boredom creeps into my life, I start to think of new goals and challenges. I take action. 

Create your own adventure 

So once again, in 2012 at the ripe old age of 35, I decided to dig out my backpack, sell up, and travel around the world (again) and embark on the next chapter of my life. 

It was during this time that I had an idea for a new business and started to work on some concepts for when I eventually returned to the UK.

Up shit creek without a paddle

Fast forward to 2015, and I was in the process of launching a new media company which I had invested heavily in. Unfortunately, I was also struggling with some personal issues, and as a result, was suffering with severe depression and anxiety.

I made the grave mistake of not seeking help and kept my problems a secret, until it was too late. I turned to drink and prescription drugs as a way to escape my troubles, and that’s when my problems really began.

Houston we have a problem 

By 2016, my life had spiralled out of control and I lost absolutely everything - my business, my home, my fiancé, my wealth, and very nearly my life. 

I had hit rock bottom. Renting a shitty room, in a flat on an industrial estate in an undesirable part of London, with exactly £11.16 to my name. A far cry from the super successful, free spirited adventurer, I had once been just a couple of years prior.


The light-bulb moment finally appeared 

Thankfully, there was a pivotal moment that triggered a response. It didn’t come in the form of a self-help book or motivational talk. It was a real life moment that I’ll be forever grateful for. The experience spurred me on to make some important lifestyle changes, which proved to be extremely effective and enabled me to turn my life around, in a relatively short space of time.

Design your ideal lifestyle 

There is no magic pill or quick fix in order to undo the challenges and difficult experiences we face in life. We simply have to do “The Work”. 

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Whilst that’s different for everyone, the key principles to implementing effective lifestyle strategies are pretty much the same. 

My take on living a fulfilled life

I’ve learnt my craft by taking massive fucking action throughout my life. Has it always turned out as I had hoped? Absolutely not, but by taking action you’re ensuring you’re always moving forward in life; always learning and always growing as a person. 

Don’t be that person who is always moaning about their job, relationship, or financial position

Forget all this positive thinking bullshit. The theorist that spout this bollocks miss the one crucial point, it’s not what you think that gets results; it what action you take that gets results and ultimately moves you towards success and fulfilment in life


Who is Damian King?

I’m not an academic, qualified coach, or so-called self-help guru, flogging get-rich-quick schemes or  “the secrets” to success programmes.

I’m outspoken and, at times, controversial. I’m certainly never one to shy away from taboo subjects. I’m always 100% authentic and honest with my views. 

Nothing is off limits when it comes to the topics I openly discuss. My willingness to talk about my wins as well as my losses has enabled me to position myself as a leading voice in the world of lifestyle design and bullshit-free personal development. 

Areas of experience  

  • Mindset & Performance 

  • Sex, Dating & Relationships

  • Lifestyle Design Strategies

  • Psychedelics & Plant Based Medicines

  • Travel & Adventure 

That pretty much sums me up

Look, you’ve made it this far and not got bored of me. Maybe you can relate to parts of my journey? Or perhaps you're just nosey? 

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