Create your own adventure: India

How does an average guy from South London end up trekking over 4,000 kilometres across the entire length of India?

No Guide - No Support Team - No Local Fixer

Just a backpack and camera equipment for company.

How this crazy adventure came about

I was fast approaching 40 and, for the first time in my life, getting older was playing on my mind. I was constantly asking myself questions about who I was as a person and who I was as a man.

I also had a serious incident in 2016 that striped me of all my self-confidence which left me asking myself...

“Do I still have it ?” Although, I wasn’t sure what ‘it’ was exactly, but it was a reoccurring question I kept asked myself.

I wanted to challenge myself and create an adventure that was going to push me to my absolute limit. I wanted a challenge so big and crazy it went beyond the realms of normality. The sort of adventure where people would call me insane.

But what? Tough Mudder, a marathon, or even an Iron Man

Nothing really jumped out at me, or sparked a desire. And then one evening whilst attending a DMT ceremony, the vision came to me so clearly, it literally slapped me in the face and left me with no doubts.

Go back to where my life of travel and adventure first started. I had visions of Shiva, Ganesha, the Ganges and the burning ghats. The mother land was calling me...

Create Your Own Adventure: India

Over the period of four and a half months, I trekked the equivalent of a marathon a day - totalling over 4,000km. I had the most life changing experience I could have ever possibly imagined. 

Incidents and highlights

Well, more incidents to be fair...

  • Robbed at knifepoint in Punjab

  • Ran over by a drunk moped rider in Goa

  • Caught up in riots in Kashmir

  • Attacked countless times by stray dogs

  • Suffered with Rhabdomyolysis and nearly died in Rajasthan 

Attention please…

I want to highlight I’m not ex special forces, an experienced mountaineer, or an extreme athlete. 


Create Your Own Adventure - Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

From the sub zero temperatures and snow capped mountains of the Himalayas, the vast desserts of Rajasthan with some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded - over 50 degrees!! Down through Southern India where the  monsoon wrecked havoc throughout the Western Ghats, causing landslides and floods. And, finally ending this insane adventure at the Southern most tip of India over 4,000km later.

Bruised, battered and over 25kg lighter, I tell my life changing story...

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