Create your own adventure: India

Join me as I walk (yes, walk!) the entire length of India (on foot) whilst raising awareness for mental health sufferers across the world.

Lao Tzu was famously quoted as saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. So I asked myself the question ‘what would a journey of over 2,500 miles take? A single step, a leap of faith, or simply a blind jump into the unknown?

What if I were to throw into the mix sub-zero temperatures and the mountainous regions of the Himalayas; the extreme heat of the vast deserts of Rajasthan; the humid and mosquito infested rainforests of the Western Ghats.

And so, after first contemplating whether I should enter the London Marathon, Tough Mudder, or maybe even an Iron Man competition,  I somehow came up with the crazy idea of walking the entire length of India on my own, completely unassisted, with no support team, fixer or guide.

I needed to challenge myself. Something that was going to push me both mentally and physically. A challenge that was completely out of the realms of normality. I needed to create my own adventure and that’s exactly what I did.

And so my crazy indian adventure begins…

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I will be walking 2,547 miles (4,098km) across India. Starting in the far north of Kashmir, I will be making my way south to Kanyakumari - on the southernmost tip. My adventure started in May 2019 and my goal is to raise awareness for people suffering from mental health issues.

Why mental health?

Because I know first hand what’s it’s like, having struggled with depression and anxiety myself. In the space of three years, I lost everything, my fiancé, my home, my self-worth and, very nearly, my life. I now know I'm not alone. There are millions of people throughout the world suffering from mental health issues, choosing to keep their illness a secret because of the stigma that’s attached. And, that’s why so many people are losing their lives each year - as I so nearly did too.

I was extremely fortunate to have the foresight of making lifestyle changes and managed to turn my life around. My goal is to not only share my story but, more importantly, my findings in order to help as many people experiencing such a misunderstood and dismissed illness.

Follow my adventure

So why not join me on my crazy journey across India. I’ll share my life on the road - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Create Your Own Adventure!

Damian King 

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