The Purpose of Life Through a DMT Pipe

I knew it had to happen sooner or later; when you’re on the journey of exploration and self-discovery time waits for no man. I knew that I had reached a point in my life where I needed to create a new adventure. Create new opportunities that will pave the way, on the untrodden path that we call our future. This time around, I can clearly see the path in which I need take. And, once again I am looking for answers.

DMT never came calling, I went knocking.

I had reached a crossroads in my life with psychedelics nearly a year ago to this day. My adventure with DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) had lead me to the point where I needed to step back, invest time and energy into understanding the lessons I had learnt through experimentation with DMT thus far. It’s all too easy to acknowledge the experiences and lessons that come our way through psychedelics, yet it’s even more important to understand why we experienced them in the first place; to figure out what we need to do to learn, grow, and process these experiences, ensuring the knowledge we have gained is understood for our future endeavours.


I feel as if I have lived the first forty years of my life with the guidance of a book I was given. A book not in the true sense of one but figuratively speaking. One that become ingrained in my sub-conscious mind acting as a predetermined reference point forced upon me by my surroundings and influences as a child. A book full of contributors and contradictions that I’ve encountered throughout my life.

Yet standing here before me, I am presented with an amazing opportunity to write my own book. Blank pages which offer me an incredible opportunity to write the story of my future life.

Let your inner child become the voice of adventure

Who says it has to a grown-up book? I have over forty years experience at this thing we call life. Why do I have to write with my current mindset? That of a supposedly sensible adult. Why not embrace the inner child and have some fun with the storyline. Fuck what other people say, and frankly who cares. Surely, if we are writing the book of our future, then it’s going be fiction anyhow, right? So why make it boring, with the mundane shit that adds little to no value to our life. We all have that opportunity available to us, admittedly some more than others but that shouldn't be a reason not to start.

Combine childhood adventure with grown-up wisdom

A few years back psychedelics had been the internal compass I needed when my world had been clouded with darkness. They provided me with the insight and narrative at a time when my mind had been void of thoughts and direction. They made me question the truer sense of what life is about, what my true purpose is, and what I need to do in order to create true freedom in life.


To create my own adventure once again

The privilege of insight is only valuable to us if we choose to walk the path of the unknown. A path that is filled with freedom and adventure yet comes at a cost. For if we are to truly experience life in it’s most exciting and rawest form, then we need to embrace our fears head-on. I will now be guided by my moral compass, narrated by my forty years of my existence to hand. Combined with the unfazed fearlessness of my inner child to create this adventure we call life.

My ego will not become my enemy, it will become my ally

I am ready, once again, to let of my ego, unshackle the chains of resistance and succumb to the psychedelic insights that DMT so kindly provides me. I am ready to open up my higher consciousness to a world of possibility and guidance, allowing me to become the narrator of my own life, creating the freedom and adventure I insist upon in my future life.

Create Your Own Adventure

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Damian King