You Can't Make Progress in Life Until You Have "Done the Work"

I recently posted my Top 5 book recommendations, which prompted a lot of emails from people suggesting books I might like to read and people who I might like to follow (always very much appreciated). But, by far the most popular question asked was, what I personally took from each of the books I recommended?

My answer was simple. Read the book first and then come back and tell me what you got out of it. 

To do otherwise on my part, would be like dropping the end scene of the Game of Thrones on its beloved fans before they’ve had a chance to watch it.


Spoiler Alert! 

Why go searching for what I personally got out of a book when, for the best part, it’s irrelevant until you’ve read the book yourself. Once you’ve read the book, we can have an entirely different conversation. In fact, it then becomes a two-way discussion and debate which is far more beneficial to us all. 

A lot of seminars and events are geared towards fast learning and fast results - ‘30 body transformations’ - ‘4 week business masterclasses’. It sells and it’s what people want. At least that is, what they think they want. 

As Queen famously sang - “I want it all, and I want it now.”

There’s a time and a place for fast learning. But I believe the true lessons in life are learnt from Doing the Work. Putting in the time, the effort and, quite often, sacrificing something else in the process - maybe something you enjoy doing, like a hobby. We all have to make time in our busy lives in order to invest in our personal growth. 

The reward of doing the work will be all the more satisfying and beneficial in the future. There’s nothing like getting first hand experience of learning your craft. Once accomplished, you can then add to it along the way. But first, you have to ensure you have built a solid foundation. 


Building a solid foundation is the most crucial aspect of personal growth and, therefore, your future happiness. Without it, you’ll journey through life always lacking true purpose and, in most cases, covering up the cracks/strains/issues of life along the way. Replacing one thing for another in the hope of enlightenment or finding purpose. People are far too quick to jump straight into the deep end without gauging the depths or currents, and wonder why they find themselves constantly swimming against the tide of life as we know it. 

Read - Happy Fucking Friday

I see this far to often in the fitness and spiritual world. A quick read of a manual or attending an event and suddenly they become an expert. Just because you have a six pack or prayer beads doesn’t make you a fitness instructor or a shamanic healer. 

Do the work, learn your trade, invest in yourself and then see where you go from there. But the most important aspect is being “you”. Be 100% authentic to you, who you are and what beliefs you hold. 

No one snuggles down on the sofa to watch a boxset and jumps to the last seasons finale do they? 

“Do The Work” - Damian King 

Have a good week.