Donald Trump and Brexit Supporters - What's the Difference?

Firstly, as an independent observer, I feel I'm well placed to look at both sides. But one thing that becomes more apparent is that one side seem unprepared to listen to reason and they are hell bent their political stance is the correct one. I thought the whole point of politics was to debate? Very rarely is there a wrong or right answer, it’s simply a question of preference and opinion. 

Now let's define one thing. Regardless of Brexit or Trump v, Clinton, there are clearly two sides that align with their views. What I mean by that is that if you voted to stay in the EU it's highly like you are a Clinton supporter. And those who voted to leave are Trump supporters. Am I right? I don't know is the honest answer but it seems some supporters are not open to debate.

I don't agree with a lot of Trump's policies but, for the best part, he is merely saying what the majority of people are thinking but are too scared to say in public. If you voted to leave the EU the mainstream media made you out to be a gay bashing racist who was opposed to foreign influence and integration. What a complete load of bollocks that is. Granted there were plenty of people who voted to leave that do fit that stereotype but isn’t that the case with any vote that requires a "yes or no", or an "in or out". It doesn’t leave much room for movement does it? A very generalised vote with only two options. 


If you voted for Trump you were a racist, sexist, white supremacist who was pro-slavery. It’s a huge generalised assumption, isn’t it. So does that make the American population all of the above? Let's face it, the majority of Americans voted him in. So that in itself makes the people who voted against him the “minority”. We are lead to believe that those who opposed Trump were honest, decent human beings or are pro-democracy, supporters of ‘woman's rights, gay rights and everything good in this world. And yet when things didn’t go their way they, demonstrated by smashing up private property, beating up and killing people who were believed to be trump supporters and burning the American flag much like ISIS do. And as a neutral observer, I am supposed to believe that this group of people are pillars of the community, voting for what's right and those who rally against them in support of Trump are the bad people?

It also amazes me that so many people took this stance with Brexit. If you voted to leave you were a racist. Well once again guys I am sorry to say it but you are a minority. I didn’t vote myself. Why? I was too busy. Too busy taking action and responsibility for my own life rather than whining and moaning about everybody else. The issue I have is that the majority of people who felt so strongly and opted to vote to remain in, wouldn’t listen to anyone else's opinion. It was their way and their way only. How ignorant is that?  Apart from being classed as a racist if you voted to leave the EU or you were pro-Trump the only consistent things was that those who made the accusations were not prepared to listen to reason. 

I got into a Facebook debate with someone who I have to point out is neither British or American and was told that British people were stupid and there is no way on earth she will put up with the sexist policies of Trump. I make her right, she lives in Holland for fuck sake. Why she got on her high and mighty I don't know. But once again there was no reasoning with her. If you didn’t support her views then you were wrong, end of debate. I once again highlighted the fact that the majority of the stupid Brits and Americans disagreed with her. She went as far as to say that she was prepared to unfriend me on Facebook basically because I didn’t share her views. Unfriend away as far asI’m concerned. I don't know if I want a friend who has their head shoved so far up their arse they aren't prepared to acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Then we had all the students and younger generation accusing the “old people” basically anyone who voted to leave the EU of ruining their future lives because of the impact leaving the EU would have on their future. Let me just remind the younger people out there, that if it wasn't for the “old people” you would be speaking German and eating Bratwurst. 

So after reading the last few paragraphs you might be surprised to find out I am not a Trump supporter and I didn’t vote to leave the EU. Although saying that, I do think Trump was the best option considering Hilary Clinton was the other. Just because she wore a skirt and put lipstick on  doesn’t make her the better option. The woman is corrupt to the core. The evidence is plain to see WATCH VIDEO If it was a man with a similar history he wouldn’t have made it past the initial stages. The former Director of the CIA Micael Hayden has gone on record saying if it was anyone else who deleted government intelligence in the form of emails they would have been in put in prison for a very long time. 

In all fairness, we should at least give Donald Trump the opportunity to fuck up first before we write him off. So he made a few off the cuff comments in a locker room a few years back. Let me tell you now, If you heard what men really said in the locker room all across the country comments like “grabbing her by the pussy” wouldn’t even make the top 100. Trust me when I say that!.

The fact of the matter is shit happens and we must get on with it. Is it going to impact us by leaving the EU? Possibly, but the same can said for staying in. So what if America builds a wall between them and Mexico. Germany had one in their own country and no one blinked an eye. Politics is a game and to win it you have to be in it. 

There Are Fuckwits Everywhere

I have to tell you about the time I was standing next to a guy in my local takeaway, who judging by what he was saying wasn't the shapest tool in the shed. He was telling anyone who would listen how we're better off out of the EU. We need to stop immigration, buy more English things (forgetting the Irish, Welsh and Scottish apparently) and we need to stick with being English. He was English and proud by all accounts. 'I buy English stuff whenever possible he boasted. I pointed out that he was in an Indian takeaway and if it wasn't for immigration he would be eating toad in the hole. He pointed out that he alternates between the Indian takeaway and the fish and chip shop next door. 'Keeping it English son’ he laughed as he collected his food. I didn’t get the opportunity to point out the chip shop was run by a greek family. Somehow I knew it would fall on deaf ears. 

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