Create Your Own Adventure: Life advice you can do without.

As an intrepid traveller for many years, I’ve always been amazed at how the most forthright advice comes from those who can I put it?... never actually done, been, seen or experienced the very thing they are giving YOU advice on. I'm sure they mean well, for the best part anyhow. But you should certainly let their two-bobs worth go in one ear and out the other. While smiling and nodding your head obviously. 

However, one thing to bear in mind is to not take a blind bit of notice of them. Why? Because average people with average mindsets will always be the ones offering advice on why you can’t do something. This type of person most likely drives a Ford Focus, fits into the system, always goes on holiday to the same resort each year and counts, Alfonso the Spanish barman as a friend.

Mindset, clarity, and focus is a prerequisite for adventure

Back in 2004, when I first set off travelling around the world, my dear old Grandad warned me about Cambodia. I think he thought the Khmer Rouge were still in power and the Yanks were still bombing Vietnam. Yet the reality was the closest he had actually come to South East Asia was ordering a Thai Green curry from the local takeaway. He meant well, but if I had listened to him I wouldn’t have left the shores of the UK.

Create your own adventure starts the moment you take action

Eddie Izzard embarked on a ridiculous challenge of running 27 marathons in 27days with NO formal training whatsoever, aside from running for a bus!

David Goggins was laughed at when he attempted to lose over 100lbs in three months in order to enroll in Seals training. People sneered at him when he rolled up ready to take part in an ultra-endurance race that required him to run over 100 miles within 24 hours as he had no long distance training whatsoever.

Ragnar Nodbrok, the Viking leader, was made fun of when he went about exploring pastures new in the West. Who was laughing when he was knee deep in pussy, had enough ale to fill up an Olympic size swimming pool, and enough gold to sink the very ship he set sail on. He was the self-proclaimed 'King of the Land' and propelled himself to God-like status amongst his fellow countrymen. Not a bad feat for a humble farmer.

'I am going to walk across the entire length of India', I said

'It can’t be done' they said...'you're mad, your body won't hold out'.....yadda, yadda, bloody yadda.

My advice for anyone who is thinking of doing something slightly out of the norm, dare I say, a little crazy, such as my Indian adventure; ignore the doubters, the pessimists, and the fun sponges. Leave the people with the ‘average' mindsets to watch Levison Wood or Bear Grylls. Let them tell anyone who will listen, how they could embark on the same adventure if only they had enough time, money, resources (insert lame excuse here!). And, let's not forget their bad knee!

Just because something hasn't been done, doesn't mean it can't be done

Remember one thing - there always has to be a first. Roger Bannister, the first person to run a four-minute mile. Conor McGregor, the first person to become a Champ Champ in UFC history or the first person to swim around the British Isles, like Ross Edgely.

Or, you could be like Dave Smith, who thought about swimming across the English Channel but didn’t. Or Paul Tailor, who was going to start his own business but failed to take action and ended up working in Accounts. And, let’s not forget, 'That Guy' down the pub (we all know one) who has done pretty much every conceivable adventure imaginable, when we know full well he is talking out of his arse.

The decision to take action is entirely up to you.

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Create Your Own Adventure