Create Your Own Adventure: Top 5 Things I'll Miss in The UK

As I prepare to walk across the entire length of India, I find myself realising the true extent of the adventure that lays ahead. What the fuck have a let myself in for? 

I won’t lie, I’m comfortable. Far too comfortable in fact. Life is good. I have no complaints whatsoever. My life is about to be turned upside down the moment I step foot in the mad, crazy and magical country of India. 

So here are the Top 5 things I’ll miss about the UK - in no particular order:

1 - Dip n Flip

Hands down the best burgers in London - period. Trust me I know my burgers. Rarely does a week or two pass without me getting my burger fix. If it’s a takeaway, it’s always a bacon double cheese burger with fries topped with cheese, bacon and green chilli. If I’m eating at one for their restaurants, it’s always a roast beef sub, dipped in gravy with a portion of poutine. Man, I’m going to miss Dip n Flip. 

2 - Coffee

And, it has to be good coffee. Black Americano straight up. No morning is complete without it. 

3 - My Bed 

One of the things that can cause havoc with your mood, mindset, and energy is a lack of sleep. Some nights I’ll be in a tent, some nights on the floor of local villagers home or, if I’m super lucky, an uncomfortable bed in a guest house. One thing for sure, I’ll massively miss my memory foam mattress, fluffy pillows and winter duvet. 

4 - On-Demand Lifestyle

Books, food, movies, alcohol, sex (if only)... we live in arguably the most comforted and spoilt era of modern times. Pretty much every creature comfort is available right here, right now, delivered to your door. Or, downloaded to your chosen device within the blink of an eye. 

5 - The UK Summer

If Create Your Own Adventure India wasn’t such an impulsive idea, I would have planned it to coincide with the UK winter. Not only would the weather conditions have been much better in India, they would have also been much better in the UK, allowing me to train in the warmth of summer instead of the freezing cold conditions I currently face as we speak. 


Follow my adventure as I attempt to walk over 2,500 miles across the entire length of India