Create Your Own Adventure - Srinagar to Kanyakumari Cancelled

It comes with deep regret that I've decided to cancel the original starting point, in Srinagar, due to the recent conflict between India and Pakistan

Terrorism, Politics or Fake News?

I have been getting such conflicting information as to how safe it would be for me, as a foreigner with no support, to walk through the valleys and highways in the Jammu and Kashmir region, that it would have been a complete gamble for me to take. Not to mention, the current curfews being imposed and the issues trying to arrange travel insurance. The final nail in the coffin came when I spoke with a local tour guide and he advised me that filming in the area was going to be incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

Create Your Own Adventure India, cancelled?

Neither politics nor terrorism is going to stop me from completing my Indian Adventure. For me, it's imperative that the expedition starts off on a positive vibe. I don't want to feel unsafe, or be limited to where and when I could go. Filming the starting point for a documentary is as important as the end, so the decision was essentially made for me.

I moved the starting point to Leh in Ladakh. Whilst further east, it's also significantly higher in altitude and presents a much tougher terrain. It also presents a completely different culture and religion with the large majority of the population being Buddhists.

The serenity of Ladakh

Yes, the altitude is going to be a bitch, and yes the weather harsher, but for me, it's the perfect starting point. It offers the peace and tranquility that I want before I set off on my crazy adventure. I want to begin this trip with the excitement and apprehension I felt as a kid going on my first camping trip. The type of feeling seldom felt as an adult. The nervousness of not entirely knowing what you are doing, but doing it anyway. Read into that what you will my friend, but one thing is for sure...

I'm going on one big fucking adventure!