Eggs on Toast & an Appreciation For Life

It’s a cold, crisp morning high up in the mountains of Leh. As I wake, it takes me a moment to realise where I am and what lies ahead. I dress in a hurry, due to the subzero temperature in my room, and quickly go in search of breakfast - eggs on toast, to be exact.

Eggs on toast and an appreciation for life

As I stroll into the centre of Leh, I can’t help but pinch myself. It’s really happening. I stumble across the prerequisite German bakery, run of course by the prerequisite Nepalese family. I mean who else? Fellow adventurers and travelers alike will know what I’m talking about. From Ladakh to Goa, one can always find ze German bakery in India.

As I sit, sipping my strong black Americano, listening to peaceful Tibetan flute music (I know, a German bakery run by Nepalese with Tibetan music lol!) I can’t help but think how extremely fortunate I am to be in this position. To have the life I have and experience such diversity and explore the amazing world we inhabit

As many of you reading this will be returning to work after the bank holiday, a wave of heartfelt appreciation washes over me. I don’t mention this to mock or gloat, far from it. I’ve been there myself. We make our own path in life, it just so happens I chose a path of travel and crazy adventures. It’s not for everyone’s cup of tea, and I get that.

The question I pose to you is; are you doing what you do, because you want to, or because you feel it’s simply what's expected of you?

Do you wake up each morning and look forward to the day ahead? We often have it drummed into us from an early age, that our goal is to get good grades, get a corporate job, pay into a pension, buy a house and have kids.

I’m an oddity and I totally get it. People like me are the 1%. No better or worse than anyone else who chooses the corporate life, just different. We all have choices to make and travel and adventure just so happens to be mine.

So, as I sit eating my eggs on toast, sipping my coffee, I take a moment or two to fully appreciate where I am, the people I have in my life and the opportunities that lay ahead. I am so very grateful to have an amazing woman in my life who supports me in pursuing my passion, a family that I have grown much closer to over the last couple of years (parents exempt), an open mind and an acceptance of different religions, cultures and beliefs.

Just remember one thing…

If you risk nothing, you risk everything (stolen quote)