My Top 5 YouTube Channels I’ve Been Watching While Across Trekking India

Now, before I start, I have to stress that after a hard days trekking across India the last thing I want to spend my time doing is watching any long format educational documentaries, or brain taxing YouTube shows. Basically anything taxing on the brain is out. 

So I’ve listed my Top 5 YouTube channels I’ve been watching whilst trekking across India.

But I want something in return… 

Please list any recommendations you have in the comments section below, or shout out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I’m in need of some new channels to check out because I’ve pretty much exhausted all my favourites over the last few months. 


Andrew Schulz - Stand Up Comedy

I’m a difficult one the please when it comes to Comedy. I’m not a fan of many of the current crop of comedians from the UK. Even less so, the American stand-ups. But since discovering Andrew Schulz on the Joe Rogan show, I’ve ploughed through all of his his YouTube videos. 

Nothing and no one are exempt from the wrath of his very close to the mark piss taking. At a time where we live in a politically correct society, where everyone is scared to touch upon taboo subjects, Andrew Schulz lets rip and holds absolutely nothing back. And, I mean nothing!! 

Check out Andrew Schulz’s channel  


Lex Fitness - Fitness (somewhat obvious)

One of the OG’s of fitness influencers on YouTube, Lex Griffin - AKA Lex Fitness. Nowadays, Lex’s channel is a mixture of lifestyle and fitness covering, fashion, grooming, motorbikes and, not forgetting, fitness and nutrition. He manages to keep his videos interesting and incorporates a good balance of life both in and outside the gym. 

If you watch some of Lex’s videos from his early days you’ll notice how his training has change over the years. His goals have moved from purely aesthetics and hypertrophy training to, more recently, training for mobility and movement, incorporating boxing and MMA drills. 

Check out the Lex Fitness channel  


Leaders Create Leaders - Interview & Biography

Gerard Adams interviews entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry experts who are making an impact in the world today. Guests include the likes of Aubrey Marcus and Andy Frissila, who are globally recognised names, having built multi million pound businesses that positively impact people’s lives. 

The show also features lesser known individuals who, never the less, are making big waves in their chosen fields such as Donny Epstein, Jay Shetty and Preston Smiles. If you’re looking for some inspiration to go out and pursue your goals in life then my advice is to learn from the best. 

Check out Leaders Create Leader channel


CarWow - Cars reviews and drag races

Who wouldn’t want to see a drag race between a Porsche 911, Audi R8, Lambo, and a Tesla for good measure? Throw in some more mainstream drag races between Mercedes and BMW line ups, through to Golf R Type and Audi TT’s. They also throw some of the older reg cars into the mix from the 90’s/early 2000 - M3’s, GTI’s and Cosworths, bringing some nostalgia to the show.

Yianni (from Yiannimize custom wraps) often joins the show as a guest driver, which brings a bit of banter and competitiveness to the format. Well worth a watch on YouTube if you find yourself at a loose end and don’t want anything too taxing on the brain. 

Check out the CarWow channel 


IFL TV - Boxing news and interviews

IFL TV’s raw format style is really what made YouTube the platform is it today.  Often unedited videos coming straight off the press as they were filmed. Whilst there are many other slicker shows out there, it’s IFL’s no frills format that makes the show the success it is. Kugan

Cassius and his team jumps straight in with blunt and direct questions to anyone and everyone in the boxing circuit. 

Eddie Hearn makes regular appearances which add’s a degree of comedy value. He holds absolute nothing back, which often causes a wave of controversy throughout the boxing community. Kugan and his team interview a whole host of other boxers who rant, rave and get whatever they want off their chest. Often resulting in paving the way for future fights. 

Check out IFL’s TV channel 

What are your favourite YouTube channels you’re currently watching? Let me know in the comments below. 

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