How I Overcome Personal Setbacks By Using The Psychedelic Medicine DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)

As I was sat, hesitant and slightly apprehensive, in an apartment in Notting Hill, I knew I had to face my fears. I had read how many other people had overcome personal setbacks by using DMT ((Dimethyltryptamine) and Ayahuasca. I had conducted my own research and also watched several interesting documentaries on YouTube, which fuelled my fascination even more. 

But I had questions:

  • How deep was the experience going to take me?

  • What parts of my past were going to be dragged up?

  • What was destined for my future?

  • Was I ready for this?

  • Did I actually want to find out?

So many questions and fears I held in my head and heart. However, I was at a particular stage of my life that I wanted to change, and even more so, find the answers to questions I’ve been asking myself throughout most of my adult life. 

Plant-based medicines such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and DMT have been known to produce incredible results, according to recent studies reported by underground communities in the West and for thousands of years by residents of the native lands, of which most of these medicinal plants originate from. 

Ayahuasca being prepared

Hamilton Morris of Vice media has reported on the various forms of alternative medicines, and highly regarded figures, such as Terrence McKenna and Paul Stamets, have also reported in great detail of the powerful cognitive and life-changing benefits these plant-based medicines have the potential to offer. 

People suffering from mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD have reported life-changing results. Not to mention those suffering from addiction issues. 

Yet, little is known about these psychedelic compounds in the mainstream media, apart from hearsay and biased propaganda leaked by ‘Big Pharma’ who clearly have their own agenda as to why they would want to tarnish any such benefits plant-based medicines are able to provide. 

The likes of the Daily Mail would have you believe that a dose of DMT will have you leaping off rooftops thinking you’re a purple giraffe who can fly like a bird. Yet, next to nothing is reported when countless people sink copious amounts of alcohol and think they’re Connor McGregor, believing they can fight everyone in the pub on a Friday night.

Anyway, I digress... 

The setting at the ceremony was soothing with low lighting, soft spiritual music, and comfortable seating. The company for the evening was made up of a mixture of like minded people, albeit from different backgrounds, with their own intent and purpose. They consisted of a professor of science, an actor, personal trainer, a dominatrix and my good self, a mere struggling businessman at the time. 

You couldn’t have got a more eclectic mix of people. Yet, there was a mutual connection and great energy in the room. A togetherness with the sole purpose of cognitive advancement, each on their own journey.

We started the ceremony with Amazonian snuff tobacco called Rapé, which is blown through a bamboo pipe up one's nostril. Not a great experience at first. The sharp hit of tobacco can be unpleasant initially. But a minute or two later, when I had blown my nose and cleared my sinuses, I felt uplifted and alert.

Let the ceremony commence

I relaxed, sat back into the sofa and started to control my breathing. Moments later I was passed the vaporiser which contained the holy medicine, DMT. I took a huge drag, sat back and awaited the journey to commence with nervous appreciation. 

Boom - holy fuck!!

Within seconds, my world and reality as I knew it, disappeared and I was transcended into another dimension. A space where time seemingly stood still and engulfed me into a timeless universe.

With my eyes closed, I let my conscious mind run free, which evaporated into a state of colossal euphoria. I entered into a slow, warming sphere that was filled with vivid colours and defined acute patterns, smooth walls that veered into tunnels and realms I’ve never before experienced.

The music had set the tone, yet had slowed considerably which aligned perfectly with the experience. There were moments that I felt my heartbeat increase and I felt a sense of apprehension come over me. I told myself not to resist - surrender, let go, be free and succumb to vulnerability.

Often is the case, that the journey produces what we subconsciously manifest.  I had meditated before consumption in the hope that my internal dialog was as calm and free of external distractions. Concentrating on making the experience as profound and intent as possible. 

As I opened my eyes, I looked around and was in a complete bewildered state of shock (in a good way) and...honestly, even now I’m still lost for words on how best to describe the experience. At peace, intrigued and feeling a sense of inner calmness. I looked at those around me, it felt as if they had been on my journey with me, but the reality was, they had their own experience, most likely completely different to mine. Yet there was a mutual connection. A togetherness like I’d never experienced before. 

At that exact moment, the loneliness I had felt in the months prior disappeared and I felt a real sense of community and bond with all those that were present. But, also a newfound bond and connection with myself. 

The host of the ceremony gave me a grin as if to say “welcome to our world”. 

Truly life-changing and profound. 

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It would take more than a blog post to fully try to explain the experience and, the reality is if you’ve never done DMT before, then no amount of words or explanations would give you an idea of the experience. Yes, there are visual representations much like you would expect with psychedelic experiences.

The overall experience was deeply profound. It got me asking questions of myself. Questions I already knew the answers to, yet had forgotten to pose to myself for what seemed like an eternity. It reaffirmed certain things. Made me question others. Made me realise just how powerful our minds can be. The power of cognitive advancement. The power of manifestation and how it pays to be aware of our subconscious.

The outer world is, after all, a reflection of our inner world. 

Prior to my DMT experience...

My advice is that if you are going to experiment with any plant-based medicine and psychedelic drug be it DMT, psilocybin, or ayahuasca, do it in a controlled setting with an experienced shaman or practitioner. I’m almost reluctant to use the term shaman, because there are far too many people passing themselves off as shamans who are simply experimenting and learning their trade as they go along. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with people who have practiced and gained their experience under expert guidance in South America, where many of the medicines originate from. 

Disclaimer - I suppose I have to write one of these don't I...Don’t do drugs kids! 

I’ve experimented with such medicines for several years now and have found them to be hugely beneficial for clearing my mind and cognitive optimisation. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to overcome challenges, increase clarity and do deep work internally, once you’ve done your own due diligence of course.

I’ve since gained considerable experience with DMT along with psilocybin. The latter being something I’ve micro-dosed with to increase creativity and cognitive advancement. The effectiveness was profound and I saw a significant increase in my creativity and focus. 

Why did I choose to experiment with Plant-based medicines?

In short, because of the cognitive effects. I was at a point in my life where I needed to make sense of certain aspects of my life. I’d been having therapy for depression and addiction when that was cut short because my private healthcare had run out. The therapy had opened up such deep wounds from my past and then suddenly I had no outlet or resolution to summarise or make sense of these past events. I felt exposed and confused. 

I’m not saying a DMT or ayahuasca ceremony is going to give you the exact answers you're looking for. But it may enable you to ask better questions of yourself and help you see certain aspects of life with a different perspective.

In short…

Do your homework and ensure you work with an experienced practitioner. Go with clear intentions and purpose. Welcome the experience with open arms and don't resist.

Embrace the change that's coming your way.

I would love to hear of anyones experience with any of the plant based medicines listed in this post - leave your comments below.