Why The Draw Againgst Deontay Wilder Was The Best Thing For Tyson Fury

Everyone wrote Tyson Fury off against Deontay Wilder, and rightly so. His two warm up fights were a farce, and shifting ten stone - whilst impressive  - will undoubtably take its toll on anyone's body. 

‘His fitness will be be affected’; ‘his head won’t be in a good enough place’; ‘Deontay punches too hard’; ‘too much ring rust’... all words that were bounded around as to why Tyson Fury wouldn’t win. 

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

Ultimately, what we were seeing was a factory tuned 2018 Lamborghini being pitted against a refurbished classic Ferrari. The latter will always be revered and hold a place in the nation’s hearts. But, put through it’s paces and it will surely start to fall apart after a few 'foot to the floor' laps, or in Tyson’s case rounds, when pitted against the likes of Deeeoooontaaaaaaaay Wildeeeeerrrr.......

Ergh, not quite. 

Super cars aside, there was one thing that all the media and pundits failed to pick up on. Tyson Fury’s mindset and heart. Many questioned it and rightly so. But when you’ve experienced being on the brink of suicide and somehow overcome it, you create this self-belief and drive that very few people get to experience in life. You see life through a different lense. Certain scenarios suddenly change. It’s not a matter of seeing the glass half empty or half full. It’s a simple matter of knowing what needs to be done and taking action regardless. 

Whilst average folk ponder the question of “half full or half empty”. The enlightened man simply recognises the glass needs filling regardless. 

It’s about a simple reframe and the ability to ask better questions, looking at things more objectively and taking massive fucking action

That’s why I knew he stood a chance of winning. 

I also know that it could have easily have gone the other way. The obvious question posed was ‘is he really ready’? All too often we see people suffering from mental health issues such as depression or PTSD suddenly feel “great”, only to find themselves downbeat again because someone has eaten their cornflakes or used the last of the toothpaste. Euphoric highs followed by extreme lows are all part of the course when suffering with depression, PTSD or anxiety. 

Mental health suffers have a tendency to dream of the day all the pain and suffering ends. More often than not convincing themselves they are OK, when the reality is they aren’t. 

But when, and if, that day does finally happen, boy does it happen! And, that’s what you saw with Tyson Fury. 

Here is my take on it....

The split decesion draw was nothing short of daylight robbery. But came as no surprise at all. I called it before the decesion was officially read out. It was ridiculous. However, to go to the champions backyard, get knocked down twice and still win on points is simply not going to happen. Did he deserve the win? Absolutely. He schooled Deontay Wilder for most of the fight. But he is in the USA for crying out loud. Home to boxing’s corrupt elite. The promoters and people running the show looked like something out of the fucking 'Good Fellows' for crying out loud. 

But I digress...

When Fury got put down in the 12th, I thought he was flat out. He had the body language of a man that’s never getting up in a million years. Then, when the ref counted five, up pops Tyson like he had just woken from a much needed nap, going on to win the bloody round! All the while, Deontay was dancing round like a cock in a chickens pen on Viagra.

Did you see Deontay Wilder's face when he saw Tyson getting up? If any face said ‘man, WTF I’m having a shit day’, it was Deontay's. Every boxing fan on the planet knows Tyson won that fight. 


Tyson Fury was robbed of the win, but gifted something much greater than any sporting achievement can offer. 

The result will go on to do him much better in the long run. He is now the 'people’s champ' and rightlfully so. The last person Deontay wants to fight now is Tyson. Yet out of sheer embarrassment, and not wanting to lose face, I think he has to. He can wear that stupid mask all he wants, but when the rematch happens, there’s only one pantomime character turning up to the party and that’s Tyson Fury coming as the Grim Reaper, hellbent on pissing on Deontay's parade.

The bigger picture scenario 

Whilst the result was disappointing for Tyson, I honestly think the harsh draw he was awarded, is exactly what he needed. In time, I think he will realise this was all part of his journey and yet another challenge that he will encounter on the road to recovery. 

It’s also a stern reminder that overcoming mental health issues is not easy. The fairytale ending often deludes many. However, a deeper more profound lesson can be learnt. It is a clear indication that, whilst we can do everything right in our endeavours in life, sometimes the rub of the dice goes against you. 

It’s how you deal with these situations that determines your outcome. 

Tyson is wining his war with addiction and mental health issues. However, I’m reluctant to use the word ‘overcome’, as I’m not entirely convinced people ever fully overcome severe depression. Much like people who suffer with other health complications, such as asthma and diabetes, I believe depression is for the best part managed and not cured. How big a part you let depression play in your life, is entirely up to you. Eat shit, don’t exercise and focus on negativity, is a sure fire way to let depression play a significant role in your life. But, if you counter depression with healthy lifestyle choices, effective daily habits and focus on creating a positive environment to reside in, depression will fail to exist and impact your life negatively. 

Let me give you a few examples

A celiac can enjoy life as much as the next person, as long as they refrain from eating gluten. Gluten is bad for you, so look at it as a positive lifestyle choice.

A diabetic can enjoy life as long as they manage their blood sugar levels. Excess sugar is bad for you and your waistline. 

Someone suffering with depression can enjoy life as much as the next person, as long as they maintain a healthy lifestyle; eat a clean diet, exercise and create a positive landscape in their life focussing on 3 key areas

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Relationships 

I firmly believe that the ultimate goal is to be aware of the triggers that can cause depression, and effectively manage them. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing, and never has a truer word been spoken. 

On a final note...

The draw was the best thing that could have happened to Tyson Fury in so many ways. A reminder to remain humble, hungry, and that no matter how hard you work, life has a habit of serving you a shit sandwich from time to time. 

The decesion you have to make is whether or not you eat it.

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