Why You Should Check Emails and Social Media Whilst Eating Meals

I know, who would have thought it, Mr 'I hate digital consumption' is now advising his followers to use their mobile phone whilst eating meals. How unproductive and unsociable is that? Granted, but hear me out before you conclude an opinion. 

I promise you there is a method to my madness.

But first, let's clear up the obvious, I'm not saying to reach for your phone when dining out or sitting down for Sunday lunch with the family. I’m talking about when you grab a bite to eat on the go, at your desk, or any occasion when you’re scoffing it down like it’s a time-restricted all you can eat buffet.

We are all guilty of it and it’s becoming increasingly common amongst busy professionals, entrepreneurs and time poor parents; all of which tend to consume at least one meal a day, whereby they unconsciously wolf down food without a) chewing it enough, b) tasting it and c) realising they're doing it. I know I am.

There is a whole host of knock-on effects that affect us negatively, such as indigestion and insufficient breakdown of the food itself, which not only makes it harder to digest but also puts more strain on our biological mechanics resulting in fewer nutrients being absorbed. The reality is that we are, in sense, wasting a proportion of what we consume through rushing when we eat.

My unconventional wisdom and advice

I only realised what I am about to say through a bad habit of my own. I had just returned from the gym and needed to catch up on some emails. Like most other people, I somehow ended up flicking through Instagram. And, whilst I was enjoying ogling pictures of bikini-clad women, mouth-watering food, and the latest Porsche 911, I realised that I was eating my food much slower than I normally would. I also realised that the food tasted better: much better in fact.

The outcome - no indigestion, sufficiently chewed food for best nutrient absorption and less work for my body to break down, which results in less stress on my digestive system. Plus, you’ve filled your filthy little dose of FOMO on social media.

You're welcome