24 Crazy Hours in India

The first 24 hours in India have been crazy. Not crazy bad, more crazy good! From the moment I got off the prehistoric British Airways plane, I knew I was in India. I could feel it, smell it and, as soon as I left the airport, I could taste it.

24 Crazy hours in India

Everything had gone smoothly so far, but that changed the moment I exited the metro station in Delhi. My hotel was ‘conveniently located opposite New Delhi station’. I looked and looked, and looked yet again. The 20kg rucksack I was hauling felt more like 60kg in the ferocious heat of the day. Sweat was pouring from me like a dripping tap. I hadn't slept a wink on the plane and I was zoned out like a zombie from the apocalypse. I was starting to buckle under the intensity of the situation

Booking.com states - “Bloom Rooms is conveniently located opposite New Delhi train station”.


I was starting to wonder if that was typical Indian bullshit marketing, where “opposite", actually meant 4 blocks away. Am I accusing an India business of embellishing the truth? Exaggerating the proximity of their hotel? Too bloody right I am. This is not my first rodeo, son!

What they failed to advise is that there are two entrances to New Delhi station. I mean, why would you! It would appear that I was at the wrong entrance. The other being about 3/4 of a kilometer away.

Fast forward two hours, and a pit stop at Burger King for refreshments, I had checked Into my hotel, showered and was taking some much needed time out.

Whilst travelling into Delhi from the airport, I had met a top lad called Jack from London. A fresh faced, 23 year old, frustrated ex-City worker, on his first trip to Asia. Coincidentally having chosen to cut his teeth travelling to India. Remind you of anyone?

We agreed to meet up later that night, so I took it upon myself to show him around a few of my old haunts. A curry, lots of laughs and a few beers later we headed back to our hotels having agreed to meet up again the following day.

All sounds pretty tame and relaxed, doesn’t it?

But this is India. The magical crazy country, that is my adopted motherland.

What I failed to mention is, within the first 24 hours of being in India, I have...

  • Been spat on

  • Had my foot run over by a moped

  • Slipped down the stairs.

  • Trod in cow shit

  • Been chased by a stray dog

  • Sank a few beers

  • Ate quite possibly the best channa masala ever

  • Had a guy offer to wrestle me

  • Been offered cocaine, prostitutes and a goat

  • Been asked 873 times to look in someone’s shop

But, what an incredible 24 hours it has been. I love this country in a way I can’t explain. For every one person trying to con you out of your money, there are ten people who will go out their way to help you. For every bad experience you have, you’ll be presented with many more enjoyable experiences. This my friends, is India - the magical land of surprise, that will bite you on the arse and rob you of your sanity, if you fail to keep your wits about you.

India, it’s good to be home.