Overcome Depression and Design Your Ideal Lifestyle

Funny how our lives can change so much in just a few years. In fact, three years ago today I was packing everything I owned into bin bags, having lost my business, my house, my fiancé and nearly my life, through depression.

I kissed goodbye to everything I had ever worked for. I literally had two bin bags of belongings to my name. I was moving into a shitty room on an industrial estate, a far cry from the penthouses I had become accustomed to. The only saving grace was that I wasn't planning on sticking around for much longer.

I was going to commit suicide and end my life.

Fast forward three years and I find myself packing yet more bags; well a backpack to be more precise, as I embark on an expedition that will see me walk 2,547 miles across the entire length of India, raising money and awareness for Men struggling with the Mental Health issues.

I feel extremely grateful to have had the foresight of making certain lifestyle changes that helped me overcome my struggle with depression. I haven’t written this to boast, get a pat on the back or have people blow smoke up my arse. I say this because I am a typically average guy who managed to turn his life around and now feel It’s my duty to help others struggling with Mental Health issues.

I’m not a coach or trained professional when it comes to Mental Health. However, I am an expert when it comes to bouncing back from huge setbacks, shifting your mindset and taking big fucking action in order to design your ideal lifestyle.

Overcome Depression and Design Your Ideal Lifestyle

If your life is not where you want it to be, you’re feeling depressed or going through a bad patch; may I suggest you follow me and my journey. I feel it’s my duty to inspire and help others. Life is such a great gift and I feel everyone should have the opportunity to live it to the max.

Remember, you are not your past!

Damian X