How to avoid becoming a burnt out has-been while working in the City

I am not preaching any type of “I’ve seen the light bollocks”. My time in the City was spent burning the candle at both ends I can assure you. Most of what I write about comes from my own personal experiences - *or from trusted sources I might add! Working my way up the ladder in the City in the mid-nineties was nothing short of…. let’s just say; memorable. It was at a time that bars like the Titanic and the Met Bar were in full swing and clubs like China White set new standards for debauchery. 


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the City throughout my early twenties. But I had a wake-up call after being introduced to a guy, who at the time was the Psychology Coach of Arsenal F.C. I decided to quit my job and travel the world at twenty-five. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. A life-changing experience that continues to have such a profound effect on me today. 

I bump into old colleagues every now and again, and the happy, fit, and fulfilled ones have generally left the City to pursue other business interests. The colleagues I bump into still crushing it in the City have got their shit together for the best part. But they have adapted sooner rather than later. Realising that staying consistent with good habits pays off over time. Doing more of the right things and less of the bad things is the key to opportunities in life and business. 

Then you have the old colleagues that haven’t learnt. Haven’t changed and are still doing the same old shit as we used to back in our twenties. Now I am as guilty as the next man for loving a night out on the piss with the lads. It is also highly likely that I will be the one dragging them into the nearest strip bar to continue the shenanigans. But I won’t be the one buying an eight ball at four in the morning and calling in sick the next day for work. Life is about balance. 

80/20 Principle

If I have one bit of advice for any lads in their twenties working in the City wanting to be successful, climb the career ladder and become an influencer in their industry - I would strongly advise to adhere to the 80/20 Principle. For the best part at least. Basically doing the right thing 80% of the time and the naughty but hugely enjoyable things 20% of the time. Simple right? 

Have I managed it? Hell yes!! 
Have I fallen off? Hell yes!!
Have I gotten back on? Hell yes!!

Sometimes it does feel like a conveyor belt and you're back to where you started. But not quite. The real-life conveyor belt may drop you back a way, but it will never be where you first started. It will be a different place altogether because of your journey. I have been guilty of getting it around the wrong way at times. I have had more than my fair share of 20/80 occasions I can assure you. Expensive and often memorable lessons leant along the way. Just don't let little blips turn into one big fuck off blip that ends up costing you dearly. 


It's about the journey

Regardless of how many times I have fallen off, I have got back on each and every time. There are so many things that can impact our everyday lives - moving house - kids - nagging wives/girlfriends - work pressure - stress - lack of mental clarity. 

But the question I ask myself is - Are my actions aligning with my values and goals?

Now let me ask you this question - Are your current actions getting you any closer to your ideal job, your ideal property, your ideal relationship, or a fresh start in life?

It's when you answer that very question that you have your answer.

There are the obvious culprits that hinder progression in life if you fail to maintain balance - 

Bad Diet
Lack of Exercise

Are the obvious ones, but what about the not so obvious ones like 

Toxic Relationships
Lack of Sleep
Social Media Addiction

All can impair your judgment and decision-making, and affect your performance in the gym/work the following day. It is also likely it will affect your food choices. They can all build up over time clouding your vision and judgment, without it being obvious to you.  

Am I saying, don’t go out and get absolutely wasted, wake up next to a random woman having enjoyed a wild night of booze, drugs and kinky sex? No, absolutely not, if that’s your thing. Go out celebrate have a great time. Work Hard - Play Hard. Just ensure the work comes before the play!

I have said it once and I'll say it again - Being successful in life is about balance. And even more so common sense. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. It pays to remember that. 

I have seen fit and healthy guys come to the City and within three years turn into overweight, pale-faced pissheads who resemble a shadow of their former self. Thankfully for me, I have always been into my fitness so I had my own markers to keep me in check. For the best part anyhow. But there were plenty of times I could easily be talked out of the gym at lunchtime in favour of the pub. That would often then lead to less conscious food choices and the spiral can start from there. Thankfully that would only last a week or two at the most for me. But for some colleagues, it was just the start. A downward spiral that effects so many guys in the City. Don’t become the washed-up forty five-year-old has been. He talks about “the good old days”, can sink four pints of Kroni in a lunch break and never turns down an invitation to the pub. 


Going back to the part earlier where I talk of wild kinky sex with random women got me thinking. I wonder how many guys out there now are in a relationship and are thinking to themselves what a night of wild kinky sex with a random woman would actually be like? 


Has it been a while?

How many guys are in a relationship where the sex has dried up. No more nights where she makes an effort to dress up or sets aside time for sexual encounters, let alone seems remotely interested in sex? Do you ever ask yourself whether you’re in the right relationship? Are you in it because you want to be in it? Or because you feel it’s the right thing to do. 

I ask this question because the guys I know who have really got their shit together and are hugely successful, in the majority of cases have their relationship status intact. Notice I said "relationship status". Because not everyone I know who has their shit in order has chosen to be in a relationship. It doesn’t matter either way. The point I'm making here is that they are comfortable leading their life in whatever way they choose. Many of them have gone through painful breakups and divorces. But they have come out the other side a stronger much happier person. Every single one of them will tell you that they wished they had gotten out of the relationship sooner. It free's up more time to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Is it time to end a relationship that's run its course.

Don’t become that guy

The City can be a cruel world at times. It creates hugely successful men and yet makes a mockery of others. I have seen guys get caught up in the client entertaining, overworking and making poor lifestyle choices. Look at someone ten years your senior, someone whose job you aspire to have and consider this - Do they have exactly what you want in life. The job, the salary, or the property? More importantly the adventures, the experiences and the lifestyle you want to lead.

Sometimes you have to face up to things. Maybe you have some decisions to make? Do you look for a new firm to work for? Can you change anything about your current position to make it anymore rewarding? Or do you say fuck it and start your own business. 

So many decisions to be made for some of you guys reading this. And yet for a select few who have that lifestyle balance and drive to be successful in life, it’s merely another day at the office.

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