The Power of Successful Habits

This is a step by step method to help you create better habits. It's a simple procedure that can be implemented into any area of your life be it business or personal. The aim here is to be consistent and by doing so you will find your ability to achieve your goals greatly increases.

1 - Clearly Identify Your Bad Habits

Bad habits can be costly and not just in monetary terms. They also spoil relationships and limit your future success. You may not realise that you are in the grip of a damaging habit for days, months or even years down the line. To fix it you need to look at the bigger picture and not just what's in front of you. A glass of wine tonight might not seem that bad, but a glass of wine each night over a period of months or years will have a significant effect on your health, mindset and physical performance. If you look at the bigger picture and do the math, does 3,650 glasses of wine still seem like only a glass after dinner? That's what it amounts to over a ten year period.

A seemingly small habit over a period of time can often amount to significant long term implications. If the habit is a bad one then it can have serious consequences for your health.

2 - Clearly Define Your New Habit

Good habits are rarely costly and are in essence the same as bad habits, insofar as they have significant long term effects, albeit good ones. Once again you need to look at the long term benefits over a ten year period. If you were to workout or adopt some form of exercise or eat a more balanced diet then over the same period you would see great results that would enhance your physical performance and mindset. The goal here is to deliberately visualise how these newly formed good habits can enhance yourlife and allow you to become more successful in all areas.

Write down your goals and imagine what you life will look like in ten years if you don’t form new habits. Now visualise what your life looks like after adopting new successful habits.

3 - Construct A Three Part Action Plan

Now it is time to get some traction. If we use the glass of wine example, or beer, weed and cigarettes for that matter, depending on your habit, you have a few options. Read literature or go online for advice on how to quit. Hypnosis or specialist therapy is another option. You can also try to replace your habit with a lesser evil, alcohol with fresh fruit juice, cigarettes with a liquid vapour and so on. The important thing is you must take action. Use these simple steps to highlight the action needed and put it into practice immediately - not tomorrow or next week. Now!

You are the only person who can make the change happen. Tomorrow easily becomes yesterday, and next week becomes last week. Nothing will change until you do.


You will now have a clearer picture of how habits work and a better understanding of how to identify your bad ones. The reality is great things come to those who take action. Rarely does success come to people with bad habits or lazy people who fail to take care of themselves. Certainly not for any length of time, that's for sure. We see lottery winners completely destroy themselves because their wealth isn't based on their good habits and they have not developed the mindset with which to cope with their new found fortunes.

As humans we are a by-product of what we consume. orally, visually, aurally and physically. Find someone who has achieved similar goals to the ones you want to achieve and study their behaviour. Mirror them to gain leverage and fast-track your success.

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