Life Advice For blokes Going Through a Rough Patch

You have just been sacked, your girlfriend has dumped you, or maybe you’ve just found out that the average penis length isn’t 3.5 inches. We all go through rough patches and sometimes the last thing we want is advice.

Especially the type that is of no use to us, whatsoever.

You know the type...

The fact is, whatever problems life throws at you, be aware, that it’s imperative that you suck it up and move on.

Have a blowout…(the unofficial bit of advice)

By all means, go to the pub, drown your sorrows and slag off your ex-boss to anyone who’ll listen. Seek the company of a woman and squash any doubts you have about being a worthy lover. Do what you have to do, to blow the cobwebs off and momentarily escape reality, and feel good about yourself.

Enjoy it while it lasts because you're likely to wake up feeling as rough as a badgers arse the following morning and that’s a good thing. Embrace the feeling of dread and despair because…

Life Advice For blokes Going Through a Rough Patch

Life gets better from here on out, if you get your finger out your arse...and stop feeling sorry for yourself

Be Present

Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future. Focus on the here and now. Unless you’re god, which I assume you're not. You don't have the power to change the past or predict the future. It’s happened, learn from it, grow from it, but most important of with it!

Be Reactive

Bad experiences can have a tendency to knock our confidence and leave us second-guessing ourselves. This can prove costly when it comes to bouncing back and rebuilding the part of your life that’s been affected. Ensure you fully comprehend what’s previously happened but don't let it manifest and affect other areas of your life. Don't let a bad experience at work hamper your health or personal relationships, and vice versa.

Accept it and move on

in 2016 life didn’t just present me with a shit sandwich, oh no! I got presented with an “all you can eat” buffet of shit sandwiches. And I gorged on every last morsel. And guess what? It got me absolutely fucking nowhere. Apart, that is; to an even darker place in my life. The moment my life changed was when I said, enough is enough and I got my finger out my arse and moved on. I accepted what had happened in the past and drew a line under it. I'm not saying it was easy, but It does work. It really comes down to how much you want to change.

Don’t get angry, get even...well sort of.

Don't listen to anyone who says anger or hatred can’t be used to spur you on to achieve great success in life. There is nothing like seeing your ex-girlfriend when you have been smashing it at the gym and are in great shape. Or, becoming your ex-boss’s biggest competitor. Use that emotion to your advantage and let it be the catalyst to drive you forward in your chosen endeavor. Just ensure you are 100% certain of what your desired outcome is. It pays to remember that anger and hurt are simply emotions and will only fuel motivation in the short term. Finding your real purpose is what's going to help you build something long term with more meaning.,

Forgive and…don't forget.

It doesn’t pay to entirely forget our past because hardship and pain can often be the trigger to greater success. I find it can be a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal if used correctly. Most self-help books will advise against this, choosing to forget all of your past emotions and negativity, and focus on healing your wounds.


If you've just found out your wife has been fucking Mike, her personal trainer and is leaving you because you're a lazy fat bastard. Are you likely to just accept it and take it on the chin? Wish them both well and give Mike your blessing to evoke pleasure on your now ex-wife? For what, so you can find inner peace and serenity? Good luck with that. The sheer memory will haunt you for years to come if you fail to use the experience to your advantage and better yourself in some way.

The most effective way to truly get over some of life's traumas, be that in business, health or relationships, is to ensure you direct and control the outcome. It's called...

Getting your finger out your arse and taking control - It’s such an empowering thing!

Good luck

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